How To Take Perfect Selfie?

Hello friends. Today I will tell you about how to take perfect selfie. Most of the young people are crazy for selfie and now old to. In a research per day 93 million people take selfie all over the world. They use to try different way and angles for take a perfect selfie. But after so many clicks they don’t get their perfect selfie. Because they don’t no how to take selfie in right way. Here I will tell you some tips so that you can take your perfect selfie.

1. Don’t Look At camera Continuously  –  Many peoples look camera continuously when they take selfie. And its look like they are stare the camera and that make there expression boring.

2. Don’t Show Your Hand – Nowadays most of the people are using selfie stick for perfect selfie. But some time selfie stick become the reason for imperfect selfie. Because in perfect selfie your hand and selfie sticks should  not show.

3. Don’t Take Selfie From Upper Side – Most of the people think that if they take selfie from upper side then they will get perfect selfie. But it’s not happen. So always keep camera according to your face level.

4. Keep Yourself Right or Left In Photo Frame – When you take selfie. Keep yourself little right or left. It’s Increase your chances for perfect selfie.

5. Don’t Use Zoom Option –  You should avoid to use zoom option while taking selfie. Because zoom option destroy your picture quality.

6. Avoid Camera Button – Most of the time when we take selfie. We use to click by touch our camera button and most of the time it’s distract camera focus. So use selfie timer.

7. Don’t Use Filter Option –  Most of the people use filter option in their selfie. And some time it become the reason for imperfect selfie. You only need to do is just focus on the light. If your are in the good light then your selfie will automatically become perfect.

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