Predictions Before Not Always Right.

I know this will happen , I know it will never work , I know he / she can’t do it and I know he / She Don’t know anything like this many more predictions we are use to do. But sometime this habit become the reason of our misunderstanding and failure also.

Here I tell you a boy and his GURU JI story. So it will easy to explain you. One day boy decide to take BIKSHA and he go to the guru ji ashram. but he have the doubt on his guru. he feel that his guru is a fake man and he don’t know about anything. but guru ji have many followers and all of them have a believe in guru ji. so he think lets try the guru ji. and that is the reason he take BIKSHA from guru ji and start working in ashram.

One day boy say to guru ji. GURU JI I am working here from 3 months now I want to go outside and take Bikhsha from villagers. Guru Ji give him permission. then he say but I don’t know  how I will ask for biksha to the villagers. Guru Ji says when you reach the village just say Biksha Mi De De. 

Boy Say ok and he reach the village and very loudly say Biksha mi De De. and when he ask the villagers for bikhsha. he meet with a parrot Who was in cage  and parrot put a question to the boy. will your guru ji can help me out from this cage. Boy say see I feel my guru ji is fake man but for your satisfaction. I will ask him for you.

In evening boy return in ashram and handover all the thing which he get from villagers in bikhsha. and start pressing Guru ji legs. then guru ji ask to the boy how was your day and what you learn today. boy said it was a normal day but I meet a parrot who was in cage and he said to me. will your guru ji can help me out from this cage ? and then i said to him i will ask guru ji and if he can then i will tell you tomorrow.

Guru Ji start showing he is unwell and act like he dizziness and when boy give water to guru ji then guru ji stand normally and go from their without saying anything. boy said to his self i know he is fake guru. But he was still not sure. and very excitedly next day he again go to the village for bikhsha and when parrot ask to the boy. your guru ji say anything about for my help ? boy say I told you my guru ji is fake man. yesterday when i ask about you he start showing he is feeling unwell and act like dizziness. parrot give smile to boy and say thank you.

when parrot owner come to near cage then parrot start behaving he is unwell and act like dizziness. parrot owner think parrot is near to death and he bring out parrot from cage and then suddenly parrot fly from their normally.

Boy was standing little away and seeing all incident and realise his mindset for guru ji was wrong and he realise his mistake. So be patience before judging  anyone or anything. Sometime thing are not like that actually which they look.


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