Distract Focus.

Focus is the important part of our life. If you want to do anything you need to focus on that. without focus increase chance to get failure anything we are doing. But most of the time. when peoples get failure they don’t know the real reason behind their failure because they don’t  know they are unfocused. when they are doing their work.

So here I will tell you about 7 habits which distract Focus.

Checking To much Notification : When you are doing your work. you should keep your phone on silent mode. social media notifications can distract your focus.

Watching Tv Too Much : Watching Tv too much can decrees your focus level and its scientifically proof. when you watch too much tv you can’t focus completely on your work.

Less Sleeping : Taking good sleep is very important for our health. and having good sleep play lead role for our focus power. If you don’t take proper sleep. you will always have less focus Problem.

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Don’t Take Proper Diet : Your diet chart also play lead role for your focus power. If you are use to taking too much fast food then it can effect your focus power. so take a healthy diet.

Watching Too Much Porn : If you are use to watch porn movies too much. then it can be become your addiction and you can’t focus anything.

Skip Workout :  Don’t skip workout because skipping workout bring laziness in your body and you will face problem for focus on your work. So do workout daily and keep yourself fit and focused.

Too Much Thinking : Some people always think about their past or future but when your mind will busy think about your past or future then how can you focus on your work. So don’t think too much about your past because you can’t change it and future you don’t know. so live in present.

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