Problem Solving.

who don’t have a problem in life? And if you have seen the BORDER FILM there is a dialogue in a film. life second name is problem. then the question raise. How to be happy ? Should we leave every thing and do give up?  No. here I will not say to you should do give up. here I will try to explain you how you can deal with your problems.

We take a example of a college teacher. So teacher go in a classroom and pick a half glass water and raise his hand up so that everybody can see that and ask the students. what do you feel how much weight of this glass ? all the students give the different answer some say the weight of this glass will be 100 gm Some says 150 gm and other says 300 gm.

Then teacher reply forget about the weight. Tell me what happen if I keep this glass hold like this for 3 min? students reply in answer nothing.  then teacher again ask what happen if I keep hold this glass like this for 15 min? Students say nothing but you will feel little pain. then teacher again ask what happen if I keep hold this glass like this for 1 day or week? then students says sir your hand will be jam or you can be paralyses. and you need to be admit in hospital.

Teacher smile and say same thing happen with our life problems. If we give so much time for think about our problems and we always keep our problem in our mind then one day we will be jam or paralyse and its scientifically proof thinking so much about the problem become depression. So don’t think too much about your problem make the plan for solve it and try until you will not get the solution and be happy.

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