Air Pollution.

Nowadays we are suffering from Air pollution. their are also other types of pollution like Air , Water , Dust And Noise pollution. but from last few weeks air pollution come in danger level. and we people are use to wait until problem become big. when a problem become big then we start thinking and talking about that.

But unfortunately we are not in right direction. we only doing debates on news channels because lots of peoples think that this is government problem and it can only solved by government.

And by this way we can not solve the problem of air pollution. because we all are responsible for today condition and if we blaming each other ya through the boll in government side then condition become more worst. we all need to take the responsibility and do efforts together.

You can avoid personal vehicle or car if you are going near by your home. go by walk it will decrees air pollution level and it will good for your health if you do walk .

Use public transport more ya you can choose  car or bike poll options. It save your money and time and helpful for decrees air pollution.

And off your car, bike, truck or any other vehicle engine on red lights. It also save your money and hear you can decrees two pollution one is air and second is noise.

Friends always remember “KOI BHI DESH PERFECT NAHI HOTA USE PERFECT BANANA PADTA HAI” If we all decide not to do any kind of pollution and do efforts for decrees air pollution then very soon we will make our country pollution free.

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