Way Of Life.

Ones upon a time Lord Krishna invite all his knows to his “Mehal” and Krishna  give diamonds to Duryodhana and say give that person who you think deserve this here.  Duryodhana take a tour of his “Mehal” and come back to Krishna and return that diamond which Krishna give him. And Say according to me no one deserve this diamond Here.

Then Lord Krishna Give that diamond to Yudhishtir and say same thing give this diamond that person who you think deserve this here , after taking diamond Yudhishtir say Krishna you are giving me less diamond. Because in my views here are many people who deserve this diamond.

This is a example of our mindset  and our view how we see the life things. If  we see all the things with ego and negative way then we see all the things negative. what Happen with Duryodhana why he unable to find one person who deserve the diamond ? Because he see all the negative things in everybody.

And Why Yudhishtir say to Krishna you are giving me less diamonds ? Because he see all the positive things and he was kind with everybody. He don’t have Ego problem that’s why Yudhishtir say you are giving me less diamond.

Same thing happens with us the way we see the life , Life become like that. if we see the positive thing then positive things happen with us. if we see all the negative things then all the negative thing happens with us. A positive thinker see the the positive things in negative things . For example in your collage, You fail in your exams. If you are negative thinker then you give up and leave collage. But If you are positive thinker then you think I get another chance to do better score in my exams because if I pass this exam then I only get passing marks. but I have another chance to bring good marks and most of the things I already read so it will easy to me do better.

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