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Job Interview Questions And answers | Indian Yuva . 

Hello Friends, Today I will share top 10 job interview Questions which normally every recruiter Or HR ask. If you are searching job and you again and again rejected. So you should read this questions. Because in this post I am not only sharing questions , I also share that questions perfect answers. And when you know the interview questions and their answers your confidence level go high and it increase your selection chances.

So Let’s Start.

Tell me something about yourself?

This is the Ice breaking question in interview. So here you can tell about yourself like your Name , Education , Work Experience ,  Family Background and your Hobbies. Make sure in this question you need to give short and simple don’t start with your childhood.

What are the reason behind leaving your previous job?

In this question don’t try to blame the previous company. Just answer In order to enhance my skill set , I am looking for better opportunities.

Why should we hire you?

Sir / Mam If you hire me then It will great platform to show my skills and knowledge. Whatever goal I have set I can achieve here.

Why you have been unemployed for a long time?

I was enrolled myself for some advance technology and personality development course with some freelance work.

Tell us your ability to work under pressure?

In the pressure I keep myself clam and focus on multi-tasking while being patient.

Why you want to join our company?

Here you must know about the company were you are going for interview like Major Products , Working Environment and how many Awards company achieve. Just say all the positive thing about the company.

Were do you see yourself after 5 years?

After 5 Year I want to see myself in senior position and managing important portfolio of this company.

Speak any topic of your choice at least 2 Minutes?

In this question you need to prepare yourself before interview decided any topic before interview which you have lots of knowledge and confidence.

What are your major strengths and weakness?

Just say all your strengths like ability to work, Your Knowledge , Management Ethics. and don’t tell your weakness which effect company work just say any weakness which include as positive point for company.

How much salary do you expect?

Sir/ Mam Salary is my second priority. I want to improve and enhance my skill & Knowledge. You are sitting here to analyse and you will pay me that I deserve.


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