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Hello Friends, Today I am sharing with you very funny and naughty story. This story belong to A 11 year boy and 10 year old girl and they are the neighbour and love each other. Boy name is Bunty and girl name is babli.

Bunty and Babli love each other. so they decided to get married. And one day bunty dare to talk with babli father for their marriage. and very nervously he go to babli father place and said uncle me and your daughter babli love each other and we want get married.

Babli father don’t get angry because he like the bunty cute approach and he was taking him as a innocent child. and he asked bunty. Now you both are the child so were do you stay? because you don’t have your own house. Bunty reply in babli room because babli room is large according to my room. Babli father fall in love with bunty cuteness and he smile and again asked a question. How you will manage daily expense ? Because write now you are a child and you don’t have a job. Bunty answer I get Rs-100 every week as a pocket money and same with babli. so month total is Rs- 800 adding both pocket money. and that is enough for both of us.

Babli father was shocked by bunty future planing and he still fall in love with bunty cute and innocent replies. but he want to say bunty he will drop his marriage plan. Because write now they both are the child. and then babli father told bunty “ok” but what about the your children’s ? How you manage their expenses? Bunty suddenly reply – Uncle we are not fools. we always take care for that and will continue in future.

Now Babli father is in comma and no one knows the reason.

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