3 benefit when you stop eating sugar.

We all are use to take sugar in everyday. But have you ever thought about how much sugar is harmful for your body. In India we say “KUCH MITHA HO JAYE”. But most of the peoples don’t no “KITNA MITHA HONA CHAYE. A report say around 20 percent peoples increase 700 calories of added sugar in daily basis. Which is equal to a cup of sugar. We can find over sugar in CAKES, SWEETS, SODA DRINKS and many more dishes. Most of the peoples addict to use the sugar but they don’t know about their addiction. How you will know you are addict of sugar so their are some symptoms like fell restlessness, over anxiety and felling depression. This are the sing of sugar addiction.

Below you will find 3 benefit when you stop eating sugar.

1.You will boost your Heart Health.

You risk of dying from ticker related problem will reduce. According to the research Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri. If you take low sugar then it will be good for your insulin level, nervous system and blood pressure.

2. Good for your skin.

A study says. People who take low sugar and give up to all sweet and Soda Drinks. fell smoothness in their skin after taking  low sugar continuously 3 to 4 weeks.

3. It reduce Diabetes risk.

In a study of sugar consumption in 175 nation, Dr. Lustig found that eating 15 calories of added sugar is equal to 11 time more contribute for develop 2 types of diabetes. And if we compared 150 calories from fat and protein. So swap that sugary garonal for handful nuts.


There are also many benefit for taking low sugar like its good for better sleep, improve your memory power, lose some weight and many more.


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