Valentine's day special.

We celebrate Valentine’s on 14 Feb. In this day people exchange greeting cards, roses, chocolates  and many more gifts. Most people express their inner felling to their love one means to say that they propose them on valentine’s day. But how many people know the history of valentine’s day. why we celebrate valentine’s on 14 Feb? So today you will know the valentine day history. We celebrate valentine’s day for remember of St-Valentine’s. He was from Roman and there was a emperor called Claudias. who against the marriages because he fell if the soldiers do marriage then they will might be afraid for sacrifice their life in beetle ground. They will think about their wife and childrens before fight.  But St- Valentine’s not agree with this point and he encourage young people to do marriage secretly. But one day some-buddy tell  Claudias about St-Valentine’s and after know claudias give death sentenced to the valentine’s and that day date was 14 Feb that’s why we celebrate Valentine’s day on 14 Feb. But on 14 Feb in India we also celebrate valentine’s day because St-valentine’s get death sentenced but we should remember on 14 Feb SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH JI AND HIS FRIENDS  GET DEATH SENTENCED ALSO. But on 14 Feb our Indian yuva not remember this and so many people dont’t know about this. SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH JI who fight for our country freedom. today in which freedom we are living now that is just because of SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH priceless efforts. I am not saying that you should not celebrate Valentine’s day but as you celebrate it just remember those persons. Who sacrifice their life for our nation on 14 Feb. We should do salute and remember SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH JI And all his friends who give Him support. Somewhere St- Valentine  and SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH JI have one similar quality that is love St- Valentine’s do work for marriage love and SHAEED BHAGAT SINGH JI love his country.

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