what is love

Love. when we hear this word most peoples think first about their Girlfriend And Boyfriend. But their are many types of LOVE. First we take a example of parents love. when parents give birth to child then they care him/her they give good upbringings and full fill their requirements and during this period they start loving each other. second siblings and cousins love some time we don’t know how much we love our siblings and cousins but when we enter in mature age then we realise how much we love each other and remember our childhood Badmashiya (Naughtiness). Third is husband wife love most people do arrange marriage and they both don’t know each other properly they not aware about your like and dislikes but after marriage they know each other and they do some adjustment according their partner comfort and when they start loving each other they don’t know. Friends love if you have a best friend then you have realised their are many things in your life which you can’t share anyone but you can share with your best friend and some time you both find the solution together. Means to say that their are not only Girlfriend or Boyfriend type love their are many type of love. but in front of GF BF love we ignore our most important relations and somewhere we lost our most lovable and loyal persons. Hear i am not saying that you don’t love Your GF or BF but give attention to others also because you may not how much you important for someone who close to you. some relations not express their love but they love you most in this world like your DAD. Most of the fathers don’t express their love for their children’s but it’s not means that they not love you. Everyone give credit and talk about mother love but no one talk about father love. father is like sun we fell heat but when cold comes we know the value of sun heat.

Hear I want talk about Films/Tv love in the films shows boy propose a girl but if girl deny then boy start fowling her force her to say I LOVE YOU. But we should keep remember that is a film their are lots of difference between reel or real life. My dear friends love is the beautiful felling its not bring it forcefully. If girl don’t like you don’t force her because your this type of behaviour pollute our atmosphere and create difficulties  for girls. If your love is true then she come to you herself you don’t need to force her just care and respect her.

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